Never drive without a Driver’s License in the Philippines

driving without a driver's license in the Philippines

A driver’s license is awarded to applicants who have undergone and passed both the theoretical and practical driving exams. It means that you have fully understood what and what not to do in promoting and maintaining road safety – this begins with knowing that having and carrying your driver’s license with you is absolutely necessary. 

The same with other violations, the penalty depends on the circumstances, such as driving with an expired, suspended, revoked, or fake driver’s license or failing to carry a valid driver’s license while driving.

If you haven’t had one already, here’s a guide on What It Takes to Ace Your Driver’s Licensing Test

What should you do when you are caught driving without a driver’s license?

Driving without a license is a sure-fire way to get in trouble, you cannot bank on the idea that LTO enforcers won’t be on your side on the road, or that you will be out for a quick errand. 

There are consequences for driving without a license, whether it is simply forgetting to take it with you, or the courage to drive without actually getting the certification.

Save yourself from a whole lot of trouble by making sure you get the proper certification and have your license with you always. If you are the type who tends to just run and go, keep it somewhere you can see it when heading out, or on the vehicle you use. If forgotten, head back home to get it as soon as you remember not having it with you. 

What can happen when you get caught? 

You’ll receive a violation ticket

Traffic enforcers will pull you over if you are in violation of traffic laws and regulations, and if they are on their routinary/ surprise checkpoints to see if all road users are keeping up with their road safety responsibility of keeping all documents, driver’s license included, up to date. 

If in any of these two circumstances, you are unable to present a driver’s license, or you presented an expired, suspended, revoked, or fake license, you will be penalized accordingly. 

Visit the Official LTO Website for details

Towing and impound

Not having a driver’s license can be charged with an impoundable offense. This may sound a little intense, but towing and impounding a motor vehicle or a car is logical when a driver is not authorized to drive it.  

In line with being caught driving without a license, there are other license-related violations that result in this sanction, such as: Improper use of driver’s license or driving the wrong kind of vehicle specified on your license, Expired drivers license or traffic violation receipt, fake driver’s license or ordinance violation receipt (OVR), and tampered documents pertaining to franchising, registration, and licensing.

Your driver’s License, along with other certifications and documents are of equal importance. Having one and keeping it up-to-date only means that you are responsible enough to share the road with others. It is an official document required as legal authorization for individuals who wish to drive cars, trucks, or any motorized vehicles. It serves as proof that you’ve undergone proper training, you know how to drive a vehicle, and you have successfully completed all the necessary requirements and passed both practical and written exams.

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