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Here are some useful information.

DriveSafe PH Online Theoretical Driving Course (OTDC) is for beginners, and experienced drivers in the Philippines committed to becoming defensive and responsible in driving.

To enroll in the DriveSafe PH OTDC, click the https://drivesafe.ph/school-list/ or the Locate Driving School button on the landing page to see the nearest DriveSafe PH affiliated driving school in your area.

Not necessarily.
We aim to make the Online Theoretical Driving Course more engaging, interactive, and understandable to student drivers or future student drivers of all ages and professions, which is why we used the Filipino and English languages in our animated video lessons.

We want you to be safe always, especially that we are still in a pandemic. Hence, you can take and learn the Online Theoretical Driving Course anytime and anywhere.

DriveSafe PH OTDC is a self-paced learning platform. You can stop, pause, or rewind the lessons.


There is no time constraint. Kindly bear in mind that the DriveSafe PH has 36 video lessons covering the Land Transportation Theoretical Driving Modules. A quiz requires an 80% passing rate in each video lesson to proceed in the following lessons.