Understanding the Road Signs in the Philippines

Road signs were created with road safety in mind and posted alongside the roads and establishments to convey a reminder for drivers and for everyone who shares the road. 

It is extremely vital to understand traffic road signs and their meanings. Often, pictures and symbols are used to convey a straightforward message to avoid confusing interpretations, making it easier to understand even by people who speak different languages. 

Road signs are categorized by their functions. They are as follows:

  1. Regulatory signs

These signs are there to assist drivers in regulating the flow of traffic. These are the common road signs we often see on the road. 

Regulatory Road Signs
  1. Warning signs

These road signs warn or alert drivers of what they should expect on an incoming road’s layout. Drivers should be more cautious with their surroundings when they see signs that include road width, traffic lights, intersections, roundabouts, or hazards that may be lying ahead. 

Warning signs are often displayed on an upward triangle and outlined in red. 

Warning Signs

  1. Guide/Informative signs

Guide or informative signs indicate a driver’s current position, show what destination is lying ahead or after a turn or exit, or provide milestones pertaining to how far you are to a particular destination.

These are simply the signs that tell you where you are and where you are headed. Alerts you too of a gas station, hospital, tourist attraction (etc.) nearby.  

Guide/Informative Signs

  1. Signs on expressways

These directional instructions are commonly colored in blue, green, white, and red if it is to notify motorists to slow down.

Signs on Expressways
  1. Traffic Instruction signs

Instruction signs are used to guide the flow of traffic by restricting or allowing the movements of motorists in a given area. 

Traffic Instruction Signs
  1. Hazard Markers

These signs are often seen in areas with only two lanes to indicate the direction of the road. It tells an approaching driver where to turn or as an early warning for road obstructions ahead. 

Hazard Markers
  1. Road work signs

Roadwork will usually catch your eye first before you can spot the sign. If there is an undergoing construction ahead, road work signs direct drivers to the detours and if they can merge into other direction. 

Road Work Signs

Be familiar with all the road signs and follow each religiously to keep you and other motorists safe. Dismissing these road signs may lead you to incur violations or, worse, lead to accidents. 

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