Why take a Theoretical Driving Course online

Why take a Theoretical Driving Course online

Memorandum Circular 2019-2176 implemented by the LTO on April 6, 2020, states that any student applicant requesting a driver’s license is now required to go through a 15-hour theoretical driving course under certified instructors. The TDC must be completed within 2 years from the day that it was started.

With the main aim to ensure that all who have a license to drive, understand full well the know-how of driving and road safety, Theoretical Driving Courses are divided into three sessions to cover everything from traffic regulations to LTO-mandated special laws. 

There are two different mediums where one can take a theoretical driving course; online or face-to-face. The core function of these two is the same, but are remarkably different too as they both present unique challenges and ease for those who want to learn how to drive.

So what’s best – online or face-to-face training?

You cannot have a driver’s license without having to take the course. The choice now is if you are to take one online or in a classroom setting. It is a personal choice that one has to ponder.

With technology becoming so advanced, online learning now is not just about reading modules, submitting assignments through e-mail, and/or watching pre-recorded lectures. The availability of interactive features paved the way for learning through live video conference classes or virtual conversations. 

Online Theoretical Driving Classes

Here are some other reasons why an online Theoretical Driving Course learning is better than face-to-face learning

Learn in the comfort of your home

Learning from home is a very significant factor in online courses, it meant having control over the environment that works best for your learning needs since you are already in a place that you are familiar with.

The convenience of learning at home saves you also from actually spending your time commuting back and forth to classes, preventing you from running into hurdles such as staying ahead of traffic and avoiding being late.

Design your home to your own liking while removing all the distractions that might tempt you to look otherwise while in class. Staying away from possible distractions is one of the many things you have to learn once you are already licensed to drive. 


Considering the crisis brought about by the pandemic, online learning seems to be standing out as the better option in many important ways. Lately, not everybody seems to be keen on staying outside for a long time, so much as staying in a room full of people for 15 hours.

Learn at your own pace

Online Theoretical Driving Courses are more flexible, typically aimed at those who are working either part or full-time. This medium of learning allows learners to watch video lectures on the go since they are mobile-friendly. Online modules can be played on repeat and played back as often as needed until a learner is confident and comfortable enough with their level of understanding of the concept being introduced. 

The flexible schedule allows a learner to finish a particular module within a set period of time. Quick learners can finish faster, while there is also leniency for those who want to take their time to finish the course compared to face-to-face learning environments where everyone is on the same schedule.

Fun and engaging

Online learners are very prone to distraction, especially those who struggle with focusing on a certain thing at a time when left to their own devices. This is a hurdle that has been answered by interactive and entertaining audio-visuals that are created with the thought of keeping learners motivated, engaged, and interested in mind. 

Learn in a language you are comfortable with

Online Theoretical Driving Course provider such as DriveSafe PH gives you the option to learn the basics of road safety in English or in Filipino-English. Both versions come in very handy with Subtitles in English, Filipino, and Visaya for improved comprehension and learning.

Learners have their own pace and levels of comfort when it comes to learning. For some, the social element in face-to-face learning environments can be stimulating or downright difficult. It is very comforting to know that technology is so great these days that fantastic softwares have been developed to be both interactive and informative that someone who wants to learn can benefit highly from.

A few reminders when taking an Online Theoretical Driving Course

  1. Do it yourself. No one should complete the training on your behalf. Remember that the main aim of this course is to ensure road safety through proper information dissemination regarding the conduct of the road. 
  2. Make the most out of it. The course is not just some audio/ video soundtrack plus some box-ticking exercises in between. Do your best to stay engaged and learn as much as you can.
  3. Choose the Online Theoretical Driving Course Provider that suits you. DriveSafe PH has worked closely with the Land Transportation office in designing the course modules and it is the 1st LTO Accredited Online Theoretical Driving Course Provider in the Philippines. It is a social learning platform that provides accessibility to Defensive Driving Education to future Filipino drivers, who would like to take the first step in Road Safety.

A Theoretical Driving Course is a vital part of learning how to drive. In taking these lectures, online or face-to-face, a trainee acquires essential information about road safety, empowering them to make the right decisions when on the road.

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