Road rules and regulations, and their corresponding violations

Road rules and regulations, and their corresponding violations

The Philippines Land Transportation Office (LTO) gives the motorist a driver’s license as soon as he complies with all the requirements and passed the driving exam for him/her to be recognized as a certified driver. This driver’s license is issued and recognized anywhere in the country. 

As part of the Philippines Land Transportation Office’s efforts to make the Philippines safer for drivers, laws are established, rightfully enforced, and consistently updated to adapt their laws to the needs of the changing times.  

As responsible drivers that we all aim to be, it is necessary to know about traffic violations and their corresponding monetary fines. 

These are some reminders with regards to the identified rules and regulations with corresponding fines imposed by LTO as of 2022.

1. Driver’s license

Get one, and bring it with you anytime and anywhere you drive.

Driving without a license or with an expired, suspended, or revoked license in the Philippines has a violation fee of PHP 3000. In addition to that, you will not be allowed to receive a driver’s license and drive any motor vehicle for a year.

2. Put your seat belts on

Republic Act No. 8750 is “An Act Requiring the Mandatory Compliance by Motorists of Private and Public Vehicles to Use Seat Belt Devices, and Requiring Vehicle Manufacturers to Install Seat Belt Devices in all Their Manufactured Vehicles”

This act includes drivers and front-seat passengers of both private and public vehicles. These people are required to use and wear seatbelts at all times when inside a car.

The driver, and all car passengers, front and rear, are required to wear seat belts at all times when inside a private vehicle. 

If going onboard a public vehicle, it is the driver’s responsibility to inform passengers seating in front to wear a seat belt. Refusal to abide will then be a reason to not allow the passenger to ride the public vehicle.  

For drivers who are caught not wearing or who fail to require passengers to put on seat belts, the penalty for the first offense is PHP 1,000, second-time offenders will pay a fine of PHP 2,000, while third-time offenders will be fined PHP 5,000. 

3. Do not allow kids aged 6 years old and below to sit in the front seat. 

You will pay the same fines as above (Seat Belt Act Violation) and your driver’s license will also be suspended for 1 week.

4. Never Drink and Drive

The danger of drinking alcohol and driving can never be stressed enough, it is a serious threat to the safety of the driver and everyone sharing the road, and a serious violation of the law as well. 

Driving under the influence of alcohol will be penalized with 3 months imprisonment and a fine of PHP 20,000 to PHP 80,000. 

If the violation caused physical injuries, there will be a fine of PHP 100,000 to PHP 200,000. This is in accordance with Article 263 of the Revised Penal Code.

If the violation resulted in homicide, a fine of PHP 300,000 to PHP 500,000 must be settled, as stated in Article 249 of the Revised Penal Code.

These fines are implemented, and licenses will be confiscated and suspended as well. A Non-professional driver’s license will be confiscated for 12 months on the first offense, and will be revoked perpetually should the violation happen again. A Professional driver’s license is confiscated and revoked permanently on the first offense, disqualifying the driver from being given any kind of driver’s license after that. 

5. Wear your Helmet

No matter how short or how far the distance is, a driver and their back rider must always wear helmets of standard quality (with ICC stickers).

Failure to wear helmets will be fined Php 1500 on the first offense, Php 3000 on the 2nd, Php 5000 on the third, and Php 10000 for the fourth and succeeding offenses. 

Make sure that you are using helmets that are of good quality. Wearing substandard helmets is a risk to your safety and will be fined Php 3000 for the first time, and Php 5000 on the second offense.

The road is utilized not by drivers alone but is shared by everyone who needs to go by their daily living. These laws are created with the safety of everyone in mind. Failure to abide has respective violations which are avoidable just by knowing and following. 

Before you ride and drive and vehicle, make sure that you are fully aware of the rules and regulations of the road. These are discussed in detail in the theoretical driving courses provided by Drivesafe PH, the 1st LTO Accredited Online Theoretical Driving Course Provider. DriveSafe.PH is a social learning platform that provides accessibility to Defensive Driving Education to future Filipino drivers, who would like to take the first step in Road Safety.

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