10-year Philippine Driver’s License; What you need to know to qualify

10 years – That‘s a good enough time to actually enjoy your driver’s license without having to constantly think about renewal every so often. 

Driver’s license validity used to last for 3 years only. The Republic Act 10930 which was signed backed in 2017 amends RA 4136 or the Land Transportation and Traffic Code. The provisions in this RA legalize driver’s licenses for 5 years and allows motorists to apply for a license with up to 10 years worth of validity. 

But first, you have to make sure that you’ve met all the necessary criteria to qualify for this lengthy Driver’s License validity period. 

Here’s a list of the criteria to qualify:

  1. NO demerits. 

None. Not even 1 ticket or violation should be found on your driving record. 

Demerit points on your driving record depending on the gravity of your violation. Light infraction denotes 1 demerit, less grave offenses are given three demerits, while grave offenses qualify you to have five demerit points. 

The main idea behind this 10-year license validity is to incentivize drivers who have been religiously following all the rules and regulations on Philippine roads. It is a reward to license holders who have been part of maintaining road safety by contributing to a safe driving environment. 

  1. Comprehensive Driver’s Education program

This education program is required from all drivers who would like to renew their licenses, regardless if it is a 5-year validity or a 10-year validity period. 

The comprehensive Driving Exam seminar is available on the LTO online portal,  in driver’s education centers (DECs), or at any LTO-accredited driving schools. This refresher seminar is conducted for approximately 5 hours. 

All renewing drivers must take the CDE test after attending the seminar, and submit the certificate as proof. The examination consists of questions regarding traffic rules and regulations, road signs and symbols, and road courtesy and safety. One should get at least 13 correct answers out of the 25 questions to pass the said exam. Individuals who fail the CDE exam will be required to retake the test. 

  1. LTO branches where you will apply

Not all LTO branches are equipped to process and issue 10-year valid licenses. 

To date, only the following branches can accommodate:

  • Central Office Licensing Section
  • Quezon City Licensing Center (QCLC) 
  • LTO offices in NCR

Those who are living in areas not mentioned above will go through the old system for license renewal.  

Be familiar with the roads and regulations on the road, and follow each religiously to avoid any demerits on your license. Take good note that this 10-year license validity is to incentivize responsible drivers and to encourage new drivers to be part of creating safer road environments.  

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