About Us

We are a group of passionate individuals who rigorously created this Online Driving Education and Platform for two reasons. First, we feel the burden of deaths and injuries associated with road crashes in the Philippines. Second, we are inspired to help our country produce capable drivers who are also knowledgeable of the Driving Laws, Defensive Driving, and Road Safety even before they sit behind the wheel.

What We're All About

We in DriveSafe.PH believes that our mission is to provide a social learning platform that advocates knowledge on Driving laws and techniques, Defensive Driving, and Road Safety. 

Road Safety is a Priority.

“I am one of those drivers who are delighted when our government has extended the validity of driver’s license up to 5 years. However, I also feel responsible that I should be worthy and deserving of carrying this license to drive. We should always remember that driving is a privilege. The social learning platform that we made is our humble contribution to making our roads safer for Filipinos. One day, our roads will be one of the safest in the world. And Filipinos will be one of the most capable and responsible drivers in the world. “

Our Vision

Who We Are

By 2026, we will be able to help Philippines in producing 500,000 capable and student drivers who will be worthy of a 5-year driver's license, through our social learning platform on Driving Education.

In the time of the pandemic, DriveSafe.PH aims to aid the traditional driving schools in giving their student-drivers quality driving education, at their convenience and their own pace. 

Learn From the first

First social media platform on Driving Education in the Philippines, complete with all the basic knowledge in driving laws and techniques, defensive driving​, and road safety.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Student-drivers can STOP, PAUSE, AND REWIND anytime.

Professional Certification

Digital certification will be readily available upon completion of the online theoretical driving course.